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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Autism Together Community?

Autism Together Community is a secure, confidential, and anonymous online community for people concerned with autism. It is intended for autistic people themselves, their parents and their caregivers.

The online community provides a place for them to find each other and network with others in similar situations. It allows them to share experiences, ideas and emotions.

Our online community aims to be respectful, inclusive and non-directive. It is marked by empathy, kindness, and mutual acceptance.

What are the differences between the Autism Together Community and social media groups?

Unlike social media groups, Autism Together Community offers a welcoming and reassuring environment, since your anonymity is preserved. This means that when you join the online community, you don’t have to reveal your real name. No one can recognize you.

This benefit of our online community allows you to share concerns and issues that you wouldn’t want to reveal in a social media group, where you use your real name.

In addition, our online community is ad-free and its features never change without notice.

How to protect my personal information in the Autism Together Community?

It is always important to protect your personal information when browsing a website. In the Autism Together Community, we offer several ways to protect it.

When creating or managing your profile

Use a pseudonym instead of your real name.

As a profile photo, we ask you to use either the avatar provided by default or a photo that does not identify you.

When you participate in discussions

Since anonymity keeps you and other members of the community safe, please don’t post any information that identifies you or anyone else.

For example, don’t post:

. Personal information, such as the places where you live and work or the name of the centre where you receive medical follow-up.

. Photos of your loved ones or your children.

If you believe you have shared such information with the community, please be aware that you can edit your posts at any time.

Why is the Autism Together Community online community said to be anonymous and confidential when members are encouraged to personalize their profile?

Simply because they are different concepts.

It’s anonymous, because only the moderators have access to the personal information requested at registration. Once you become a member, all your activities in the community take place under a pseudonym and you must not reveal any information allowing you to recognize yourself or anyone else.

It’s confidential, because to access the online community, you must first be a member. The information you share remains private, which means that it is known to members only.

In addition, you can personalize your profile by describing yourself in a few words and presenting your link with autism.

What role does the moderation team play?

The moderation team ensures that all members of the community respect the Terms of Use.

It also helps to energize discussions. It can suggest topics for discussion that address your concerns and needs. It can also refer you to support organizations and people in the Autism Together Community or suggest reading material.

However, the moderation team does not screen posts and content submitted by community members before they appear online.