Health professionals committed to autism

As healthcare professionals, you can help reduce the stigma towards autistic people and their families.

Each of your gestures, each of your words in the support and care you offer can empower autistic people.

We provide you with various tools and training to develop your knowledge and expertise in autism.

The PASSS program: Pouvoir d’agir et soins sans stigma

— In French only

PASSS, stands for “empowerment and stigma-free care”. The program is intended for health professionals who wish to improve the support and quality of care they offer to autistic people and their families.

Through training and a practical guide, you can increase your knowledge of autism and develop your expertise to focus your intervention not only on the empowerment of the autistic person, but also on your own empowerment.

Training and Project ECHO®

—In French only

The Project ECHO® is a program intended for doctors and professionals who work with people with neurodevelopmental disorders.

This is an online group training delivered in 6 sessions of 90 minutes. Each session includes a theoretical part led by a health professional and a practical part to discuss a case submitted by the participants in the training.

This educational program allows learning that combines theory and practice.