Moderation policy

Autism Together Community allows you to share your experience in a safe, confidential and anonymous way.

Our moderation team works behind the scenes to keep your online community welcoming, safe and open. To allow you to clearly identify them, the members of the moderation team display their photo and their real name.

We monitor, on a regular basis, the messages published by members, in order to detect any information that may be misleading, harmful or even seeming to reveal personal or confidential information. We are also on the lookout for malicious users or members of the Autism Together Community who violate the Terms of Use.

However, we avoid modifying or removing messages or banning members without a valid reason.

The roles of the moderation team

The moderation team plays different roles within our online community. Here’s what the moderation team can and cannot do. This way, you will know what to expect from them.

  • The moderation team can:
    • Delete messages that:
    • Contain explicit violence, directed both towards oneself and towards others. . Use inappropriate or disrespectful language. . Are not anonymous. .
    • Contains personally identifiable information.
  • Provide general or technical support to:
    • Respond to general questions from members.
    • Help members use the platform.
    • Direct members to the right resources for help.

When do we moderate?

Never before posting content:

Your messages and other publications immediately appear online. We do not screen them before they appear.

As needed, after posting content:

Our team does reactive moderation, which means that we rely on members to notify us of any content that does not comply with the Terms of Use or any inappropriate behaviour. Our team also randomly moderates messages that appear online.

This type of moderation keeps the online community running and uninterrupted 24/7. This way, you can always get support from the community when you need it.

When can you let us know?

Please notify us by email, if you consider any postings to be in violation of the Terms of Use.

For example, a publication is contrary to the Terms of Use if :

  • It’s off topic or irrelevant.
  • It contains false statements.
  • It harms or demeans a person.
  • It incites violence or revolt.

We can delete it and follow up with the person who posted it.

For a detailed description of which posts are not accepted, please read the Terms of Use.

How do we intervene?

Non-compliance with rules

People who do not follow the rules are reminded of the Terms of Use twice.

In the event of a repeat offence, i.e., if a member receives a third warning for not having respected the rules, we could then invite them to leave the online community.

Disturbing message

Autism Together Community is not a crisis service.

If a message clearly presents a serious and immediate risk to life, either to the author of the message, another person or the well-being of a child, the moderators will contact the member privately and forward the deleted message by email in order to ensure immediate follow-up and provide support resources. To protect other members, we will remove the message from the forum.

In addition, if a message clearly demonstrates a risk of serious and immediate danger to life, to yourself, to another person or to the well-being of a child, the moderator must contact the emergency services. In this case, we must give your personal information – the only data Autism Together Community has about you, your email address to the emergency services.

A disturbing message is:

  • A message with violent comments about yourself or others.
  • A message that demonstrates a high level of psychological distress.
  • A message suggesting a risk of injury, abuse or neglect to yourself or another person.

A very disturbing message is:

  • A message that demonstrates a risk of serious and immediate danger to your life or that of another person, or to the well-being of a child.