Terms of use

Thank you for joining our online community!

The Terms of Use are a kind of guide for members of Autism Together Community. These are rules that we give ourselves to function well as a community. These rules are based on common sense, courtesy and respect. Each time you interact with the Autism Together online community, you agree to these Terms of Use. Make sure you understand them well. On this page, we would like to give you some guidelines to ensure the smooth running of our community. We also explain the types of posts and behaviours that will not be tolerated.

Guidelines for a harmonious community

Here are the guidelines you agree to follow for a safe and enjoyable community participation.

Stay yourself

  • Be sincere, genuine and honest.
  • Avoid making false statements or misleading others about your relationship with a person or organization.

Interact politely with other members

  • Warmly welcome any new member.
  • Don’t pass judgment or lay blame on someone who has shared their own experience.
  • Avoid expressing your opinions or beliefs too forcefully to avoid offending other members.
  • Refrain from confronting members.
  • Consider the feelings of others when participating in a discussion.

Keep in mind that each person is different from the others

  • Respect the diverse identities, cultures, beliefs and realities of Autism Together Community members.
  • Remember that there is not only one way to do things. For example, one approach may work for one autistic person, but not for another.
  • Show tolerance and respect when someone presents an opinion or point of view that is different from yours.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and can express them. Even if some topics are more controversial, we strongly urge you to keep the debates healthy. In other words, it’s not justified to personally attack people who express opinions that differ from yours.

Protect personal information

It’s very important to ensure the security of personal information. When you post information to the online community:

  • Don’t share personal information such as a phone number, address, email address or social insurance number.
  • Don’t disclose personal information belonging to another person.

Posts and behaviours that will not be tolerated

As this online community is intended to be a place of safe, anonymous and confidential exchange, certain types of publications and certain behaviours are not tolerated.

Members who do not comply with the following rules will be reminded of the Terms of Use twice.

In the event of a repeat offence, i.e., if a member receives a third warning for not having respected the rules, he may then be asked to leave the community.

Publications that are not accepted

Some publications are not accepted. Our moderation team removes such posts without warning.

Posts that contain inappropriate language 

  • Don’t recommend “treatment” to “cure” or to “reduce” autism.
  • Don’t use obscene or hateful language. Profanity and personal attacks are unacceptable.

Publications that aim to advertise or recruit

It’s not acceptable:

  • To post advertising material of any kind.
  • To distribute links to selling sites such as Marketplace, Amazon, etc.
  • To communicate with members to sell them products or services.
  • To recruit participants for research projects.
  • To post invitations to participate in surveys, studies or polls.
  • To send unsolicited emails, also called spam.

Posts that are made “in the name of” or “in the capacity of”

  • Don’t send messages on behalf of the CHU Sainte-Justine or any other hospital.
  • Don’t speak as an expert even if you are one, for example, do not speak as a health professional or teacher.
  • Don’t use Autism Together Community for illegal activities.

Posts that do not respect copyright

  • Don’t post copyrighted material.
  • Don’t post the content of private messages or emails or any privileged information of another person without having received their written authorization.

What to do in case of inappropriate publication

If you notice inappropriate content being shared in the online community or if you believe a member is violating the Terms of Use, let us know immediately.